Dear You Art Project

Mail Art + Pen Friends = Dear You Art Project

Thank you for the inspiring and open ideas! The kids became open to new ideas and flexibility. They connected with kids their age in a different country. The kids asked lots of questions about Finland and at the end they used Google translator to write in Finnish Language! The kids and I are looking forward to continue creating with you in the next semester!!!!!

Dear You runs from September to May and is comprised of two sessions.  Each session lasts for 4 months, September-December and January-April.

There is a membership fee of 25 euros to join the Dear You community.

Each session includes four different uniquely developed art projects, partnering and organization with a school from abroad, and provision of digital platforms, such as the Dear You website.  First time participation fee is 220euros.  If your school continues into the second and following sessions the participation fee is 198euros.

Please email Arlene at arlene.dearyou(at) to inquire about organizing a Dear You Workshop Leader come to your school and make art with your young artists.

A team of independent artists based in Helsinki, Finland create and keep Dear You art project alive and well.

Payment is processed through a third party company, Odeal.

Dear You workshop at ILMI Ö theatre in Helsinki, Finland. October 2017.

Dear You workshop at ILMI Ö theatre in Helsinki, Finland. October 2017.