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Greetings from Canada!

2016, 6th Grade, DisplayArlene TuckerComment

We have finally gotten our first substantial snow that has lasted. It is actually supposed to snow all week! :) 

I wanted to showcase all of the work that Päivi and her students completed for the rest of the school... One of my Korean students, Nayeon has spent a few hours over the last few days organizing and showcasing as many letters and artworks as possible. The letters are along the back, with the pop up places at the bottom. The puppets are scattered throughout, and there are a variety of notes from Päivi as well as some of the photos of art works. 

We did not get every art work up there but there, but tried our best! We also included a map of the world showing Finland and where we are, since a lot of the younger students had no idea where you were located!

This was an amazing experience for the students, and they absolutely LOVED the last set of letters they received from your students... 

I will send a brief set of letters and the masks along shortly. The masks are VERY different... everybody kind of ended up doing their own thing... I will try and forward a few pics before mailing them along...

Hope you have a great week!


Kaarina Losey is the 6th grade teacher at Pioneer Park P.S. in Ontario, Canada.  Her group of artists are making and sharing art with the Päivi Huhtinen and her group of 5th graders from The English School in Helsinki, Finland.

Dear You at Pioneer Park P.S. in Ontario, Canada