Dear You Art Project

Mail Art + Pen Friends = Dear You Art Project


We did that?! Woo hoo!

2015, 4 years old, Skype, IpevoArlene TuckerComment

We got a message from Stephanie Giltrap, the teacher of our Dear You friends in Vietnam, that they have made a display of our artworks at their school.  The kids all felt so proud of themselves that they saw their artworks on somebody else's wall.  Amazing!  Next Tuesday we will be Skyping with them and making another project to mail to them on Thursday.  This project titled ‘Let’s Go!’ is about coming up with our own inventions on how to travel to visit our friends in a far away place.  Everything is possible!

Arlene & K1

K1 is a group of 4 year old artists from International School of Helsinki in Finland.  They are making and exchanging art with the Tigers, a group of 4 year olds from Just Kids School in Hanoi, Vietnam.