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The Danes give thanks with Efterårsferie!

Denmark, Holidays, CultureArlene TuckerComment

The Danes celebrate Thanksgiving in October with their holiday Efterårsferie!  This year's Autumn holiday will take place from Saturday, October 11 to Sunday, October 19, 2014.  It usually happens on the 42nd week of the year.  Another fun fact is that Efterårsferie used to be called Potato Holiday!  Can you think of why that is?

Thank you, Tatjana Knudsen from Randlevskolen, for sharing with us!  We will celebrate Efterårsferie with you in our own home.

Denmark is such a beautiful country.  Below are some pictures from my trip to Copenhagen and Århus from a few years ago.  If you haven't been already, you gotta go!

I wonder what our friends in Denmark will do.  In any case, have a beautiful time!

With love,

ps. As far as I can see, the original purpose for Efterårsferie was so that the children could help the families with the potato harvest.  Wow times have changed, but it's nice to see that the tradition is still alive and well!