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Collaging Self Portrait Puppets in Prague

Czech Republic, Dear You Art Workshops, 5th GradeArlene TuckerComment

Our first meeting with students  from Central Point International Elementary School in Prague, Czech Republic was exciting for all of us.

I started the lesson by bringing a few magazines in. While browsing through, we discussed our role models and how our own puppets could look like. For faces, some of the kids chose already existing faces from the magazines which they drew on tracing paper while others drew their own faces. The kids were asked to use a template to cut their puppets but they already adjusted the shapes to their own needs and wishes. Regarding the material, we tried to use scissors, glue and all possible kinds of collage-like stuff: coloured paper, fabric, old jeans.

We really like the results  of our class and we already look forward to the next time.  

- Rudolf Samohejl
Dear You Workshop Leader