Dear You Art Project

Mail Art + Pen Friends = Dear You Art Project

From summer time in South Africa to sunny Mexico!

2016, 3 years old, 5 years old, 6 years old, Dear You Art Workshops, Mexico, South AfricaArlene TuckerComment

Hello Mexico,

It is summer now here in South Africa, so the Toddler class really enjoyed this project. Our School is situated in a suburb called Oakdale and all around us are Oak leaves. So we decided to focus on Oak leaves and the summer flowers that are brightly coloured. Hope you enjoy our Art –

Oakdale Toddlers

The Toddler class, artists 18 months to 3 years old, from Oakdale Preschool in Cape Town, South Africa are making and sharing art with Nursery C from Colegio San Patricio in Monterrey, Mexico.