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Opening our homes to you

Mexico, GermanyArlene TuckerComment

I am so happy to see this artworks, there are beautiful, I am sure that the kids will love it too. We have been working with the project of our houses, 

The kids are really excited about this, and we want to share with our friends in Germany where we live, how are our houses, what color are our houses.... 

Here are some stories of our pictures......

Ms. Angie: This is my house, I live with my parents and brothers. My house is white and it has a balcony and two windows
Diego: I have a car and a big window.
Ivanna: My house is brown and white.
Leo: My house is big and there is a tree, I live with my parents and siblings.
Bella: My house has two windows
Gonzalo: My house is red, it has two floors and I have a white car.
Romina: My house is white and with a big tree.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did, thank you for this fantastic experience!!!!!

Happy New Year for all of you!!

Ms. Angie and her group K2 "A"

Ms. Angie and her group of 4 year olds artists from Colegio San Patricio in Monterrey, Mexico are making and sharing art with Lusin Boyajyan from Kita Felix and Friends in Berlin, Germany.