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Storytelling time in Taizhou!

2017, 8 years olds, 9 years old, China, Collective Art, United KingdomArlene TuckerComment
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For the last session of this ‘Inspiring Stories ’project , we first divided the whole class into groups, then let each group choose a British children's work.  According to the content of the works, we encourage students to start imagination, then create stories and then write down the scripts.  At last, the children shoot the script into audio or video works with the help of teachers or parents during the spare time.

The event was a new experience for the children, and they were excited and happy.

Best wishes,

The artists in Grade 3 (9-10 years old) at Taizhou Pheonix Primary School in Jiangsu, China are making and sharing art with the artists in Class 4 (8-9 years old) at Sneinton C of E St Stephens Primary School in Nottingham, England Both groups are aged 8-9 years old.