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Photographs from the other side of the world have arrived in China!

2018, Exhibition, ChinaArlene TuckerComment
Photo by Ina, "Esbo, Finland"

Photo by Ina, "Esbo, Finland"

More beautiful artworks have arrived from the other side of the world to partake in Shenzhen Senior High School art exhibition, "Sharing Nature". Here, we can see photographs from artists living in Finland and in Australia.

Susie say, "I live in Sydney where there is lots of parks and wildlife. There are lots of national parks. My family usually go to the Royal National Park. The Royal National Park has lots of different hikes and beautiful sights. My dad and I even saw a wild kangaroo with a joeg in it's pouch! This one of the reasons why I love Australia."

Wow! This world really is gorgeous! Let's keep it that way, by taking care of it.

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