Dear You Art Project

Mail Art + Pen Friends = Dear You Art Project

receiving art

Finland is feeling the love!

2016, 5 years old, 4 years old, Finland, MexicoArlene TuckerComment

Dear friends from Finland:

Happy New Year!!  We received your projects!!

We are so excited, we received your projects and we loved them!!  Thank you so much, we hope you enjoy our projects too. Did you receive Elmer?

The kids were so happy to see the packages, we opened them and we saw all the projects you made for them, they were talking about it, they loved Elsa, Pickachu, the robot, etc...

We have a special place for all your artworks.

We hope you like it! 

K2B, Ms. Gaby and Ms. Kasandra

The 4-5 year olds in K1 from International School of Helsinki in Finland are making and sharing art with the 4-5 year olds from Colegio Bosques de las Cumbres in Monterrey, Mexico

Tigers are grateful for their gifts from Mexico. And then make more art!

2016, 4 years old, 5 years old, Dear You Art Workshops, Finland, MexicoArlene TuckerComment

The Tigers were so very happy to receive artworks from their friends from Mexico!!  We read their letter and then proudly put their artworks on the classroom wall.  Gracias amigos!

For the Look around project we started off by revisiting where our characters live.  When we stepped out of our character's home, What did we see? What was there? What was the environment like?  Everybody's imagination took them to a different place!  We thought about what this environment looks like in the daytime and at nighttime.  Using wax crayons and watercolors, we made our imagination come to life!  

With love,
Arlene & the Tigers

The Tigers from Your School in Espoo, Finland are making and sharing art with Nursery A from Colegio San Patricio Cumbres in Monterrey, Mexico.  Both groups of artists are 4 years old.

Opening mail!

2016, 3 years old, 4 years old, Singapore, Pre-School, MexicoArlene TuckerComment

Our children enjoyed opening their mails. They loved them. We took out the crafts and placed them in individual envelopes and dropped them into the children's mail boxes.

With love,
Ms Rachel

Nursery 2A and Nursery 2B, 3-4 year olds at 215 EtonHouse Bi-Lingual Preschool in Singapore are making and sharing art with the 4 year olds from Nursery B at Colegio San Patricio in Monterrey, Mexico.

Yay! The Tiger Cubs and Puppies received a package from Finland!

2016, 5 years old, Finland, VietnamArlene TuckerComment

Look what came today! The kids were very excited to check it all out! And were very intrigued with their inventions!

The 4 year old Puppies from Just Kids in Hanoi, Vietnam are making and sharing art with the artist Tigers at Your School in Espoo, Finland.  The 4 year old Tigers at Just Kids is starting a new friendship with the K1 artists at International School of Helsinki in Helsinki, Finland. Exciting!!