Dear You Art Project

Mail Art + Pen Friends = Dear You Art Project

The Monkeys welcome you to their fun houses!

2015, 6 years old, Dear You Art Workshops, Finland, USAArlene TuckerComment

The Monkeys from Your School in Espoo, Finland have made amazing homes for their new puppets created by the Full Moons from Moonstone Preschool in Philadelphia, USA.

We had so much fun creating side-by-side with our new friends. We thought what kind of house would they like? What things would make them happy to have in their bedroom? If they got hungry what food should we have for them in the house?

A said, "This is a candy house. It has candy-shaped roof. The whole house can walk!
J said, "This house has eyes and a mouth. It also has a balcony. Riley, the puppet, likes to ride a horse. He is a cowboy!"
S said, "There are some bouncy shoes inside because my friend like to bounce."
E said, "This house has a butterfly and a heart as a decoration. My friend likes the flowerpot on the table."
L said, "This house has five windows. It has a lot of ladders inside because my lazy guy likes to climb."
S said, "There are two lights, toys, ladders inside. It also has a slide."
P said, "It can explode in 3 seconds! It has eyes and it can walk."

Thanks Full Moons for your questions!  Please come visit Helsinki to see our yellow leaves. It's cold here, but we have a nice school to keep you warm.

We can't wait to see the homes you created for us!

With love,
Arlene & The Monkeys