Dear You Art Project

Mail Art + Pen Friends = Dear You Art Project

There is the horse carriage, penny-farthing, and ...

2015, 3rd Grade, Dear You Art Workshops, Denmark, FinlandArlene TuckerComment

Here are a few pictures that show Tatjana Knudsen's 3rd graders working on their vehicles for the project titled Let's Go!. It has been an interesting process. 

Before my students worked on their own we talked about how our actual daily transportation from one place to another. We talked about modern transportation like busses, trains, cars, planes, bicycles, motorbikes, and mopeds, and older ways as horse carriage, penny-farthing, and horses.

Afterwards I told my students to sketch any sort of vehicle they could imagine to transport. I also told them to use geometric shapes and either primary colors  or secondary colors.

The pictures attached show the process, and some of the pictures also show discussion and cooperation, which I really like.

All my best to you, your family, and friends :)

Tatjana Knudsen

The 3rd Grade artists from Korsholm Skole in Hinnerup, Denmark are making and sharing art with the 3rd Grade artists from Viertolan Koulu in Vantaa, Finland.