Dear You Art Project

Mail Art + Pen Friends = Dear You Art Project

Have you ever seen this before?!

2015, 5 years old, 6 years old, Dear You Art Workshops, Finland, USAArlene TuckerComment

What a wonderful imagination all the Monkeys at Your School have!  From simple shapes, they all came up with vehicles that could glide, fly, drive over all kinds of terrain.

J made a magic creature that can take you anywhere you want to. You just have to hop in and write where you want to go and then pull.

M's vehicle has a chimney.  It's name is One Wheel and it can fly.

N's submarine can go upside down!

M thought a sea monster could be a fun new machine to ride.

W's vehicle is operated by a Snow Man. It can travel anywhere you want to- even on air, ground, and water!

N's camper van can fly because there is a motor.  There are symbols for the driver to push. E=engine. S=snola. G=gas. M=motor.

I think it's true when E says, "Nobody in the world has ever seen this vehicle before!  Because it's imaginary.  It has oval shaped wings and a lot of buttons."

The Monkeys always have loads of questions from their Moonstone friends in Philadelphia, USA.

How hot is it there?
Are they having fun?
What do they like to do?

"We all love receiving your artwork and we hope you like our things too!"

With love,
Arlene and The Monkeys

The 5-6 year old Monkeys from Your School in Espoo, Finland are making and exchanging art with the 5 year old Full Moons from Moonstone Preschool in Philadelphia, USA.