Dear You Art Project

Mail Art + Pen Friends = Dear You Art Project

"Banana Sonic Jellyfish Turkey"

2017, 4 years old, 5 years old, Dear You Art Workshops, Finland, USAArlene TuckerComment

Hey Tigers,

Please enjoy our covers. We greatly enjoyed weaving our old mural work into primary colored
foundations. We cut our first mural (the shadow one) into strips.

While we weaved we looked at woven baskets and pondered titles. In the end we all agreed to call the book, Banana Sonic Jellyfish Turkey.

Here is how we came to our title. Everyone who had a suggestion, suggested. Then we read off the suggested titles and collectively voted on our favorites. There was a three way tie for Banana, Sonic and Jellyfish. So we decided to have all three/ to make it fair, we rearranged these words in a variety of combinations.

Sonic Jellyfish Banana.
Jellyfish, Sonic, Banana.

Everyone, aside from three friends, thought Banana Sonic Jellyfish was the best title.

To accommodate, we asked our three friends what word they liked. One said, Turkey! (Because
we are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow), everyone got excited, so it was added to the end.

Everyone loved it, it was unanimous.

Here were our other choices:


We are grateful to have this art pal friendship and the opportunity to share our work with you,
Johnny Buckley and the Full Moons

Moonstone Full Moons, 4-5 year olds from Moonstone Preschool in Philadelphia, PA, USA, are making and sharing art with the Tigers, 4-5 year olds from Your School in Espoo, Finland.