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Comic Strips from the Tigers

2015, 5 years old, Dear You Art Workshops, Finland, VietnamArlene TuckerComment

The Tigers impressed me so much not only with their comic strips, but how they can clearly show emotions in their drawn characters!  We first made some character studies from one of the characters in their character.  For example, since Paavo was the main character in his comic he decided to do a character study of himself.  He drew what he looks like happy, sad, nervous, and even drew himself as if he was going to explode from an oversupply of energy!

Everybody did a wonderful job! The Mice in Vietnam will enjoy reading these during their summer holiday too!

Mice wonder, "Candy can be black?!"

2014, Vietnam, 5 years old, FinlandArlene TuckerComment

Greetings once again from our Finnish Vietnamese group, Tigers and Mice enjoyed last week to the fullest knowing that Halloween was around the corner and they had a terrifying candy bag full of their favorite sweets. Here in Hanoi, we decorated our bags with different shapes and used our imagination and some music to decorate the candy bags, they turned out scary and colorful at the same time! 

Last Friday was our international show and tell circle, we shared candies, jellies, lollipops, marshmallows, and even pancakes and ice cream. We even had a girl that loved flowers so much that thought it would be nice to have them in her candy bag. 

The surprise came when our dear Tiger friends showed us a small piece of black candy... 
- What's that?? Chocolate? no wait chocolate is usually brown...
- Hahahaha, no its something we call liquorish.
- Is it black candy? Ewwwww!

Apparently some colors are not meant for candy if you ask our little mice! Black is definitely one of them... Hopefully they get to taste that Finnish delicatessen one day! 

See you next month Dear you Community and have a nice autumn were ever you are!

Xin chao!

Toti Álvarez