Dear You Art Project

Mail Art + Pen Friends = Dear You Art Project


Spirals from Russia!

10 years old, 2016, Dear You Art Workshops, Finland, RussiaArlene TuckerComment

Ученики Финско-русской школы в Хельсинки получили художественную посылку из России. Ребята из Кепской школы им. Ортье Степанова  (п. Кепа, Калевальский район, респ. Карелия) рассказали об окружающей среде в в которой живут их герои, нарисовав ее на спиральных скульптурах. 

Это третье задание 4-х месячной сессии проекта Дорогой ты осень-зима 2016г. Присоединяйтесь к нам! 

The artists from Кепская школа (Kepa School) in Karelia, Russia are making and sharing art with the artists from 2B at Suomalais-venäläinen koulu.

Spiraling their way from Canada to Finland!

2016, 4th Grade, Dear You Art Workshops, Canada, FinlandArlene TuckerComment

We received the spirals and shared them the class. It was interesting to watch the kids guessing the day/night side of the spirals.

Our art is on the way. The characters are traveling using different kinds of transportation.

Our spirals (project #3) should arrive at the same time with the project #4 (different kinds of transportation). The kids wrote letters in English. There was a group of students who were eager to write in Finnish Language. They used Google Translator. We are not sure about the accuracy of our translation, but I am proud of the kids who came up with this idea. 

Dance Agapieva-Vasileska
Grade 4
Ryerson PS

Dear You art project,  Look around

Dear You art project, Look around

The 4th graders from Ryerson PS in Ontario, Canada are making and sharing art with the 4th graders from Viertolan Koulu in Vantaa, Finland.

Looking at Vincent van Gogh's and William Turner's works for inspiration!

2016, 4th Grade, Canada, FinlandArlene TuckerComment

We began the 90min meeting with 4A class in Viertolan Koulu in Vantaa, Finland by reading out reflection and feedback from teacher Dance and her wonderful students in Ontario. I feel that it is always important for the young artists to know that their art appreciated and valued. 

Preparing for the worksop, I found the suggestion to demonstrate artworks depicting different kinds of environments to the children very helpful. Together we looked at works by Vincent van Gogh and William Turner, and discussed how these artists captured their worlds. We talked about how light, colour and brushstrokes can tell us about the weather, time of the day and the season in the landscape. 

Here is our work-in-progress, both side of the circles before they were cut into spirals. A combination of pencils and markers encouraged the creation of some very vibrant worlds. However, some of the characters live in outer space, and day there is not much different to night. (A little bit like Finland right now) 

Thank you to Kirsti and Viertolan Koulu for welcoming me again. Can't wait to see the art we get from Ontario!

- Anastasia Artemeva

The 4th graders from Viertolan Koulu in Vantaa, Finland are making and sharing with the 4th graders from Ryerson PS in Ontario, Canada.