Dear You Art Project

Mail Art + Pen Friends = Dear You Art Project

There's a warm spot for everybody

2015, 2nd Grade, Austria, Dear You Art Workshops, EstoniaArlene TuckerComment

Dear Arlene!

Our post is on the way to Estland!

It was really funny to see what children are producing with the new theme.

There are different places where they feel good. Some of them love to be in nature or with animals, some of them only love to be at home.

But have a look and you will see nice and funny places to be!! :)

Best wishes from Vienna!

Simone Zobl

Simone Zobl and her group of second graders from Evangelischen Volksschule am Karlsplatz in Vienna, Austria are making and sharing art with Aili Vassil and her group of second graders from  Mooste Põhikool in Mooste, Estonia.