Dear You Art Project

Mail Art + Pen Friends = Dear You Art Project


There's a warm spot for everybody

2015, 2nd Grade, Austria, Dear You Art Workshops, EstoniaArlene TuckerComment

Dear Arlene!

Our post is on the way to Estland!

It was really funny to see what children are producing with the new theme.

There are different places where they feel good. Some of them love to be in nature or with animals, some of them only love to be at home.

But have a look and you will see nice and funny places to be!! :)

Best wishes from Vienna!

Simone Zobl

Simone Zobl and her group of second graders from Evangelischen Volksschule am Karlsplatz in Vienna, Austria are making and sharing art with Aili Vassil and her group of second graders from  Mooste Põhikool in Mooste, Estonia.

Stringing together Valentine's Day and Carnival!

Dear You Art Workshops, 2015, Austria, 7 years oldArlene TuckerComment

The Cats in Vienna have been up to some lovely thoughts and artwork!

Simone, their teacher, wrote:
My children loved to work with this new material, the wool. I told them to make some pictures of something they love. So they can share it with their partners. Also, we talked about people we love.

Children love their parents and their families, also their animals. Important is the fact we can love someone because he is doing something good, he is helping us and very important: he is playing with us. :) And he has to be very nice.

What can we do for people we love? You can write a love letter, you can paint something, you can give flowers.

Best wishes,
Simone and her cats

Musical insight from the artists in Vienna, Austria

2014, 7 years old, Austria, Finland, Dear You Art WorkshopsArlene TuckerComment


I'm sending you the first pictures of our music-project.

On the left side of the sheets you can see the impressions inspired by Edvard Grieg, Morning Mood. On the right side you can see what children did to the music from Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Summer, Presto (The Thunderstorm). Some of them really fell into the music. :)

It was interesting to notice that nearly all children had the same feelings. Morning mood is smooth and clear. A lot of them started to paint with the colour green; they painted nature and "good" things like music, birds - happiness and peace.

Vivaldi's Thunderstorm is very rude and disturbing. They had the feeling of death and threat in different forms like a house is burning or someone is crying for help. Also, bad people are in the pictures.

THANKS A LOT for your candies! We had a lot of fun opening your present and tasting the candies! In Austria we don't eat liquorice, just a few people like it (like me). But the caramel candy and the chocolat were great! They loved it!*

Its always a great moment for the children to get a parcel from far away. We loved the stamps from Finland and the children did not allow me to destroy the paper around the parcel. ;)

Winter and Christmas is coming in Vienna...

Best wishes!!


*The artists in Vienna, Austria are exchanging with the artists in Vantaa, Finland.

Smiling faces from Vienna, Austria :)

Czech Republic, Austria, Dear You Art Workshops, 7 years oldArlene TuckerComment

Simone Zobl, the 1st grade educator at Evangelischen Volksschule am Karlsplatz in Vienna, Austria, has started Dear You with us this September!

For the Self Portrait Puppet project, Simone said, "I only told the children, that they should paint themselves for our partner class. They cut out the puppet and made it all on their own. And they really had a lot of fun! :)"

I am sure everybody is excited to receive the puppets from their new Czech friends!