Dear You Art Project

Mail Art + Pen Friends = Dear You Art Project


Imagining noises : )

2016, 2nd Grade, Dear You Art Workshops, Estonia, AustriaArlene TuckerComment

Dear you!

I send you a few pictures from our march-project.

It is not as you told us to do, because we had such a rainy weather and we could not go out and pick up some things from nature.

So we talked about things we hear, when we are in different surroundings. In nature we hear birds, the rain, the trees and a lot of animals. In town we hear a lot of people going and talking, a lot of cars. When we are at home, in our bed, we hear the cars from the street, the family talking, the rain on the window.

So you will see, it isvery interesting to see the pictures and you can imagine by yourself the noises.

Hope you are fine and we wish you happy easter!


Simone Zobl and her second graders from Evangelischen Volksschule am Karlsplatz in Vienna, Austria are making and sharing art with Aili Vassil and her group of second graders from Mooste Põhikool in Mooste, Estonia.

Having fun on Kadripäev and Mardipäeav!

2016, 2nd Grade, 8 years olds, Dear You Art Workshops, Estonia, Austria, HolidaysArlene TuckerComment

The January Project was fun. In Estonia we have the days "Kadripäev" and "Mardipäeav" where we make masks. The children wanted to immediately start to draw. They were looking for patterns on their skin and clothes. Fortunately, the children were wearing very colorful
clothing and the masks are completed soon. It was a great idea.

Aili Vassil

The 8 year old artists from Mooste Põhikool in Mooste, Estonia are making and exchanging art with the 8 years from Evangelischen Volksschule am Karlsplatz in Vienna, Austria.

Pencils dots piece together wonder

2nd Grade, 8 years olds, Estonia, AustriaArlene TuckerComment


At the beginning children made a variety of exercises. For example, how can a pencil dot and line can make art.  Then using those skills, we drew nature we would we want to see by looking out the window in Mooste.

Aili Vassil

The 8 year old artists from Mooste Põhikool in Mooste, Estonia are making and exchanging art with the 8 years from Evangelischen Volksschule am Karlsplatz in Vienna, Austria.

Vienna in autumn looks like a magical place to be!

2015, 2nd Grade, Dear You Art Workshops, Austria, EstoniaArlene TuckerComment


In Vienna, we had autumn when we were doing the pictures. Trees have beautiful colours, apples are falling down, it is getting cold. So the kids made pictures from our season outside. They had a lot of good and funny ideas to show this! :) You will see it in the pictures!

Hope you are all fine!

Best wishes,

The 7-8 year old artists from  Evangelischen Volksschule am Karlsplatz in Vienna, Austria are making and exchanging art with the 8 years from Mooste Põhikool in Mooste, Estonia.

There's a warm spot for everybody

2015, 2nd Grade, Austria, Dear You Art Workshops, EstoniaArlene TuckerComment

Dear Arlene!

Our post is on the way to Estland!

It was really funny to see what children are producing with the new theme.

There are different places where they feel good. Some of them love to be in nature or with animals, some of them only love to be at home.

But have a look and you will see nice and funny places to be!! :)

Best wishes from Vienna!

Simone Zobl

Simone Zobl and her group of second graders from Evangelischen Volksschule am Karlsplatz in Vienna, Austria are making and sharing art with Aili Vassil and her group of second graders from  Mooste Põhikool in Mooste, Estonia.

Crazy Good Friends from Vienna coming your way!

2015, 2nd Grade, Austria, EstoniaArlene TuckerComment

The children had lot of fun with creating a good friend and they made really funny pictures!

A good friend should be lovely and funny. They want to do crazy things with a best friend. And it is very important to play with each other.  As you can see on the pictures, friends also have animals.

Hope, you are fine and wish you the best,
Simone Zobl and her group of super creative 2nd graders

The 7-8 year old artists from  Evangelischen Volksschule am Karlsplatz in Vienna, Austria are making and exchanging art with the 8 years from Mooste Põhikool in Mooste, Estonia!

Fishes in the light

2015, 7 years old, Austria, Dear You Art Workshops, 8 years oldsArlene TuckerComment

Simone and her 8 year old artists living in Vienna, Austria are exchanging art with the 7 year old artists from Vantaa, Finland. Simone, the Viennese group's teacher had such lovely comments about the April project!

Once again they had a lot of fun and were astonished what light can do. The colours of the fishes are so much prettier with sunlight!!

In Vienna the sun is shining and it's warm outside. We all love it!

Best wishes,


The Lumileopards make "Light Colour Houses"

2015, 6 years old, Dear You Art Workshops, Finland, AustriaArlene TuckerComment


We are ready with our Sun Catchers!

Thanks for that idea again. You can guess that the kids were so inspired by the new idea.

We were discussing where light comes from and how. We made experimental research with different coloured papers and other different materials to see how light can get through! Also, we associated that with windows and as a result they wanted to make their own or one big "Light Colour Houses".

The kids said this about their task:

Leevi: "It was fun! Lovely colours!"
Rasmus S: "So hard to do..."
Veera:" It was nice thing to do!"
Miina: " It was lovely. but silk papers stuck on my fingers!!"
Andreas: " For me it was fun and easy.."
Rasmus V: " Stupid... boring.."
Miko: "I like it and light was so beautiful!"
Karl:"All was so nice and beautiful colours."
Sanni:"It was so fun choose colours, so nice!"
Mea: "Working together were the best!"
Eelis: "It was very hard to me, but still i like it!"
Helmi: "All colours were so beautiful!"
Teppo: "Hard to choose colours, but it was fun!"
Rebekka: "Fun task, also easy..."

We wish all of you a shining springtime!

Anne-Marie & Lumileopardit

And here we have the finished Light Colour Houses!  Our shared village for everybody to basque in the warm light!

First signs of Spring and much much more from the artists in Vantaa, Finland!

2015, 6 years old, Dear You Art Workshops, Finland, Pre-School, AustriaArlene TuckerComment

Here are the Lumileopard's paintings from Vantaa, Finland.  You can see the first signs of spring through the viewfinders!  I wonder if their friends in Austria are also seeing the seasons change through their viewfinders.  Anne-Marie, the Lumileopard's teacher, has shared so much great information with us!  She says:

This Art task was so gorgeous and funny. Kids and adults were so excited about all working and screening.  At first I told the children about the new themes and we were discussing what all of that means and how we can do this work.  We then built our own viewfinder.

Next we made small groups and went out to search for good painting items and at same time we considered signs of spring. After that everyone painted their own watercolor landscape. 

Some kids found their views easily, some of them had to seek them out longer. That view what is in Picture, can exhibit small detail from nature, or house's wall etc. or it can be also bigger view from landscape or even imagination topic ! The finished works were delightful!

I wrote some notes about what the kids named their works:
Rebekka: Firs, red house, stones.
Teppo: Firs, red stable, watergrass.
Eetu: Space and ufos
Veera: Sky, sun
Anna: Spruce and flowers
Jimi T: House, Big Flat
Andreas: Car, house and human being
Rasmus S: Colour of the sky
Karl: Spring is coming
Jimi P: Venetian blind and bricks
Doina: Spruce, sun and dry leaves
Eelis: Rainbow and sun
Sandra: All kind of colours
Moonika: Birds, clouds, sun, grass and spruce
Helmi: House and grass
Miina: Nursery's playsquare on sunny day
Aapo: Octopus on the wall
Leevi: Bus on the road
Adam: Stones, man is walking, sun and blue clouds

Have a nice spring there and lot of more fun with art and kids!

B.W : Anne-Marie and Snowleopards from Vantaa

Stringing together Valentine's Day and Carnival!

Dear You Art Workshops, 2015, Austria, 7 years oldArlene TuckerComment

The Cats in Vienna have been up to some lovely thoughts and artwork!

Simone, their teacher, wrote:
My children loved to work with this new material, the wool. I told them to make some pictures of something they love. So they can share it with their partners. Also, we talked about people we love.

Children love their parents and their families, also their animals. Important is the fact we can love someone because he is doing something good, he is helping us and very important: he is playing with us. :) And he has to be very nice.

What can we do for people we love? You can write a love letter, you can paint something, you can give flowers.

Best wishes,
Simone and her cats

Ystävänpäivä every day : )

2015, 6 years old, 7 years old, Dear You Art Workshops, Finland, Pre-School, AustriaArlene TuckerComment

Hello Dears,

In Finland Valentine's Day is Ystävänpäivä, which means Friend's Day :).  The artists at Päiväkoti Lystilä in Vantaa decided to make woolly socks as part of the string theme AND sing a song for their friends at Evangelischen Volksschule am Karlsplatz, Vienna.

Lumileopards think woolly socks are great because:
- here in Finnish winter we really need warm socks!
- and like warm socks, a good friend is important and really necessary to move on!
- every kid can easily make and have their own stylish design and be proud of that too!
- there are always two socks in a pair. We are stronger together as opposed to just one!

Lumileopardit & A-M

And here is Anne-Marie Keckman's translation of the Woolly Sock Song:



You can try to sing it too! :D

Love from Snowleopards and Anne-Marie

2014, 6 years old, Dear You Art Workshops, Finland, Pre-School, AustriaArlene TuckerComment


We have Christmas Holidays now and have been busy organizing happenings, presents and so on here in Vantaa, Finland. Thank you Simone and kids for your lovely posts.  The kids got all those drawings you made!! They were so grateful and happy about that! This  week we made a little surprise for your Christmas ... hope you will get it soon!

And there are also pics from our Party Room.  We had a Winter theme where everyone could use their 5 senses.

Beautiful holidays to you all and Merry Christmas.

Love from Snowleopards and Anne-Marie

Musical insight from the artists in Vienna, Austria

2014, 7 years old, Austria, Finland, Dear You Art WorkshopsArlene TuckerComment


I'm sending you the first pictures of our music-project.

On the left side of the sheets you can see the impressions inspired by Edvard Grieg, Morning Mood. On the right side you can see what children did to the music from Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Summer, Presto (The Thunderstorm). Some of them really fell into the music. :)

It was interesting to notice that nearly all children had the same feelings. Morning mood is smooth and clear. A lot of them started to paint with the colour green; they painted nature and "good" things like music, birds - happiness and peace.

Vivaldi's Thunderstorm is very rude and disturbing. They had the feeling of death and threat in different forms like a house is burning or someone is crying for help. Also, bad people are in the pictures.

THANKS A LOT for your candies! We had a lot of fun opening your present and tasting the candies! In Austria we don't eat liquorice, just a few people like it (like me). But the caramel candy and the chocolat were great! They loved it!*

Its always a great moment for the children to get a parcel from far away. We loved the stamps from Finland and the children did not allow me to destroy the paper around the parcel. ;)

Winter and Christmas is coming in Vienna...

Best wishes!!


*The artists in Vienna, Austria are exchanging with the artists in Vantaa, Finland.

The Musical Dears from Vantaa!

2014, Finland, Austria, Pre-SchoolArlene TuckerComment

Hello Dears!

We have had so much fun and a nice time with our Dear You Art project and music paintings/drawings this week! Our kids listened in their own "small groups" different kind of music from Finnish classical to folk (specially our own national instrument Kantele) and world music (pop) between. And surely they were enjoying a lot also listening in peace while making "pictures".

Finally, they finished their work to an end.  We discussed different kinds of feelings we had. Children mostly told about feeling happiness, joy, pleasure, good and positive emotions and their being safe! Some had exciting feels and also little bit scary too or at least mystic:... "like some big ship by the sea without knowing what is coming next..."  All of them said they could do this again, it was so fun!

Hopefully you have received our big candy present for your kids in Vienna?

Best greetings,
Snowleopards and Anne-Marie

Smiling faces from Vienna, Austria :)

Czech Republic, Austria, Dear You Art Workshops, 7 years oldArlene TuckerComment

Simone Zobl, the 1st grade educator at Evangelischen Volksschule am Karlsplatz in Vienna, Austria, has started Dear You with us this September!

For the Self Portrait Puppet project, Simone said, "I only told the children, that they should paint themselves for our partner class. They cut out the puppet and made it all on their own. And they really had a lot of fun! :)"

I am sure everybody is excited to receive the puppets from their new Czech friends!