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The Lumileopards make "Light Colour Houses"

2015, 6 years old, Dear You Art Workshops, Finland, AustriaArlene TuckerComment


We are ready with our Sun Catchers!

Thanks for that idea again. You can guess that the kids were so inspired by the new idea.

We were discussing where light comes from and how. We made experimental research with different coloured papers and other different materials to see how light can get through! Also, we associated that with windows and as a result they wanted to make their own or one big "Light Colour Houses".

The kids said this about their task:

Leevi: "It was fun! Lovely colours!"
Rasmus S: "So hard to do..."
Veera:" It was nice thing to do!"
Miina: " It was lovely. but silk papers stuck on my fingers!!"
Andreas: " For me it was fun and easy.."
Rasmus V: " Stupid... boring.."
Miko: "I like it and light was so beautiful!"
Karl:"All was so nice and beautiful colours."
Sanni:"It was so fun choose colours, so nice!"
Mea: "Working together were the best!"
Eelis: "It was very hard to me, but still i like it!"
Helmi: "All colours were so beautiful!"
Teppo: "Hard to choose colours, but it was fun!"
Rebekka: "Fun task, also easy..."

We wish all of you a shining springtime!

Anne-Marie & Lumileopardit

And here we have the finished Light Colour Houses!  Our shared village for everybody to basque in the warm light!